Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Dear Riley, You are TWO!

My Riley Bear,

Say it isn't so my little 5 pound squished head Riley girl is a big 26lb 2 year old toddler. Riley you are my little mini me look a like but with blonde hair! You are more laid back than your sister but also a lot more sensitive, you get your feelings hurt easily and have mastered the dramatic art of throwing a fit but most of the time you are a sweet daddy's girl. You are attached to your daddy's hip majority of the time he is home and will even help pick up dog poop just to be outside with him. You love your sissy and lots of time take your leads from her but lately we have liked seeing you come out of your shell and boss her around for once. :) You are so cute it hurts my cheeks looking at you because you make me smile so much. Daddy and I laugh at you trying to help us discipline your sister and telling her "No SISSY!" but you are also the first to give her a hug and kiss each night before bed. This life just wouldn't be complete without the duo of Sloan and Riley. I love you so much Riley and can't wait to see you grow into yourself even more.

Happy 2nd Birthday Riley Aileen!



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