Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Dear Riley, You are TWO!

My Riley Bear,

Say it isn't so my little 5 pound squished head Riley girl is a big 26lb 2 year old toddler. Riley you are my little mini me look a like but with blonde hair! You are more laid back than your sister but also a lot more sensitive, you get your feelings hurt easily and have mastered the dramatic art of throwing a fit but most of the time you are a sweet daddy's girl. You are attached to your daddy's hip majority of the time he is home and will even help pick up dog poop just to be outside with him. You love your sissy and lots of time take your leads from her but lately we have liked seeing you come out of your shell and boss her around for once. :) You are so cute it hurts my cheeks looking at you because you make me smile so much. Daddy and I laugh at you trying to help us discipline your sister and telling her "No SISSY!" but you are also the first to give her a hug and kiss each night before bed. This life just wouldn't be complete without the duo of Sloan and Riley. I love you so much Riley and can't wait to see you grow into yourself even more.

Happy 2nd Birthday Riley Aileen!



Dear Sloan, I can't believe you are two!

My sweet Sloan,

I can't even believe you are two years old! I remember the day you were born like it was yesterday. Now the days after you were born and for a few months are quite foggy but I remember the just of it, eat, sleep, cry, burp, cry, eat, maybe sleep, eat, cry more.....BUT all those days and months were worth it to get to see the little sweet lady I know today. You keep me laughing and on my toes everyday, you learn a new phrase what feels like everyday, you get more personality and more sass every hour. You love your sister and most of the time you two are the best of friends but in true sister fashion you fight like mortal enemies as well. You love dogs and always ask about Oli and Casey and frequently lay on them or try and kiss them. You are a mommy's girl but not too clingy and once you warm up you are everyone's best friend. We love you to pieces and at night when daddy and I lay in bed we watch you and Riley's videos and thank our lucky stars we get to be your parents. This life is crazy busy and often times chaotic but its ours and you and Riley fit perfectly in it.

Happy 2nd Birthday Sloan Marion!



Thursday, September 24, 2015

Mimi Saves Mama

Matt went on his annual mancation with his best friends from growing up and so Matt's mom was kind enough to come in town and help me. Bless her because it would have been a fete to go it alone for 5 days. The girls were being almost 2 year olds for a lot of time and they both cut a tooth while she was here but overall it was a good time.

Mimi makes the best cookies and the girls got to enjoy one

YouTube Video

We played with our dolls aunt Jan gave us!

YouTube Video

Mimi and I took the girls for their first haircut and well..... Let's just say we were happy it was quick!

YouTube Video

Thank you so much for the help and we can't wait for thanksgiving!

Pic of Matt and his friends on their trip being manly at a wine tasting

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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Kentucky Trip 2015

(Better late than never)

We went to visit Grandma and Grandpa McGowan over the 4th of July, I know Matt was so excited to show his little girls the lake house he grew up going to and loves so much still to this day. We had an okay travel day there one couple hour delay due to weather but we survived and the girls didn't get put on the no fly list so we will call it a win. A big thank you to Grandma (Judy) for buying and supplying everything we needed to have fun so we didn't have to airfreight our whole house to Kentucky!

Airport fun

Poor airport Chili's will never be the same

Grandma and Grandpa McGowan rocking at the lake with Sloan 

Boat fun with the Hoekstra girls 

John and Matt and our makeshift water park 

Riley and Grandpa

Mama and Sloan 

Sloan and Daddy went tubing 

Backyard fun at grandma's

Feeding the fish

Lawnmower rides were a big hit

The trip home was 2 plane rides with toddlers...feel like I don't have to give more explanation than that if you have ever done it you know but again we survived and decided we will hold off on flying until these girls are safely addicted to ipads. 

Wild animals

Monday, June 22, 2015

Life lately

We have been having so much fun with these little ladies lately. They change and learn new things everyday from new words to new "tricks" like pointing out all their body parts or recognizing family members in pictures. (They have a special love for Bubba since he has a beard and I think is easily recognizable they point him out often also since he let Riley play with his iPhone for a while at Brooks's baby shower every time she sees a phone she says "BUBBA")

Their swim outfits are funny but they help from having to wrestle them down to put sunscreen on

Selfie Riley

Selfie Sloan

All fun and games until someone poops in their swim diaper

We love ring around the roses

YouTube Video

We went out to eat one night during the week to change things up since we have the same routine all.the.time and these girls discovered tortillas

YouTube Video

Wrestling with daddy

YouTube Video

Fun at a little gymnastics place

YouTube Video

Riley the gymnast

YouTube Video

Sloan had chocolate milk for the first time and then was inspired to dance while eating :)

YouTube Video

Hanging out at Home Depot

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